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Spam is a fact of life for all email users. Much more than a mere inconvenience, spam represents real dangers for users such as:

  • Computer viruses that can cripple and damage the user's computer
  • Viruses that hijack personal and confidential user information (trojan horse)
  • Phishing (phishing) emails claiming to come from your banking institution to get confidential financial information such as credit card numbers and PINs etc.

In addition, many computer viruses are distributed using the computers they infect by propagating to all contacts listed in the infected computer. This has many implications for businesses:

  • A single workstation infected in a company allows the virus to spread easily and quickly to all other workstations and servers of the company, which can result in a significant loss of productivity and data
  • A company whose computers are infected and distribute spam can be blocked at several levels on the Internet including a loss of all Internet connections or blocking of all emails, infected or not from that company. Sometimes it takes days and even weeks to restore e-mail services for a company that was infected - not to mention the costs associated with such a situation.

Could you live a week without e-mail? What would be the price?

Soges-Tech offers its clients a high-end anti-spam service that has many features including:

  • Eliminates more than 99.9% of spam before they are delivered to your business
  • Is implemented and supported by the Soges-Tech team of professionals and is completely transparent to users
  • Generates usage reports
  • Allows the retrieval of false positives (emails filtered but desirable)

Our simple and efficient anti-spam solution can save you many problems and headaches...

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