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IP Telephony

Your phone system no longer meets your needs? It no longer supported by the manufacturer, can you tolerate a failure of communication of several days?

Several companies and organizations are discovering the benefits of making a transition to IP telephony to implement a new telephone service or to replace an outdated system. IP telephony offers all the advantages of traditional telephony in addition to unified communication for all your communication devices at lower costs!

Here are some of the features of the IP telephony:

  • Supports standard interfaces with the telephone companies
  • Supports external calls over the Internet
  • Call forwarding to your home or mobile
  • Unique caller id’s
  • Mailboxes
  • Conference calls
  • Recording of calls for training or quality control purposes
  • Integrated email service
  • Individual feature programming options
  • Detailed usage reports
  • Great selection of telephones including Conference calls and mobile devices
  • Integration with mobile platforms
  • and many others...

Economical to purchase, reduced operation costs, increased functionality - IP telephony is the ideal solution for all sectors of activity such as educational institutions, businesses, hotels, shops, etc.

Contact us to explore the benefits of IP telephony for your business or organization!