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On-line Backups - Data secure

The most important activity to protect computer data is making backup copies and securing these. Without backups, a single disk failure could cause the loss of tens, hundreds or even thousands of hours of work as well as the loss of important information such as customer billing.
The best solution to protect enterprise data is on-line backups. To meet the needs of its clientele, Soges-Tech has acquired the Datasecur company to offer its clients on-line backups via the Internet.
Datasecur on-line backups from Soges-Tech offers the following advantages:

  • Backups are not on your premises- even in the event of disaster, such as a fire, your backups will be safe.
  • Data replication ensures you data is stored in two separate sites
  • Data encryption to ensure the confidentiality of customer information
  • Possibility of long term data retention for archiving
  • Access to Soges-tech technical specialists
  • Daily notification

By using Soges-Tech’s Datasecur service, you get peace of mind because you are certain that all your data is protected. We offer packages tailored for our customers...Contact us to learn more!