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Wireless Internet has become a requirement in many environments such as hotels, campgrounds, schools, businesses, etc. So, how to choose the best solution among the imposing number of suppliers and technologies available on the market?

Entry-level solutions, mainly sold for residential purposes, are very different from commercial and institutional solutions. Here are some of the main differences:

·         Centralized management application - Commercial type solutions are made to manage multiple access points simultaneously and remotely allowing for effective management of infrastructure, which greatly facilitates adjustments to configuration as well as the updates.

·         Increased Security - Commercial grade solutions provide several options for secure access to the network including individual identification of users, which can prevent unauthorized access and can close the door to data theft and cyber-attacks.

·         Remote management options - Commercial grade solution which support remote management make it possible to identify and resolve technical problems without requiring a technician be on-site.

·         Greater capacity - commercial category solutions are made to handle larger volumes and more users.

·         Multiple logical networks (SSID) - Commercial solutions offer the ability to deploy multiple logical networks from the same physical device but with different features, for example a network for employees and another for the visitors which is much more secure.

For more than seven years, Soges-Tech has advised its clients in the choice of the best WiFi solutions. Our team has installed and maintains over 100 WiFi networks in all types of businesses and organizations across Quebec.

Let our experts advise you on the best choice WiFi for your environment and your needs. Please contact us for more details!