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About us


Our mission

Through the effective use of technologies, software and equipment, Soges-Tech provides its customers the ability to meet the regional and global challenges they face.

Let use our skills to achieve your projects.

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Our vision

Information technology should help you achieve your business objectives. These technologies must also evolve with your business and support your business processes. Soges-Tech and its team of specialists are there to ensure your IT needs are met efficiently and effectively today and tomorrow.

Our management

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Our Team

Soges-Tech is very proud of its team of consultants, analysts and experienced technicians. Each Member of our team contributes to the evolution of our culture and our values.

The acquisition of knowledge is one of our top priorities and our specialists are trained and experienced to implement and support your needs in Microsoft, Apple, virtualized environments and best practices in security for workstations, servers and networks.

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Head office

1400, Saint-Jean-Baptiste,
bureau 275
Québec, QC, G2E 5B7

Phone: 418-780-3999
Toll-free: 1-877-780-3999





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