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Nothing is better than proactive monitoring to achieve peace of mind and allow you to focus on your organization. This service allows you to manage your technological environment in a preventive way and increases the level of availability of your technological infrastructure.

Whether it is the physical components (from Internet entry, to the workstation) or logical components (from email service, to management and security applications), monitoring notifies us in real time of situations that may affect the availability of the components in use. As a service of the Serenity Suite, Soges-Tech's monitoring service will handle the alerts of your equipment and software. In the event of an alert, our service team is able to correct the situation or notify yours. In doing so, your organization is taking a further step towards technological proactivity.

The monitoring service is a step towards the outsourcing of your technologies. Would you like us to monitor your entire network or would you simply prefer to hand over part of it to us?

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